A Checklist for Autocrossers

Posted on July 6th, 2012

While not the end-all-be-all of things you must bring to an autocross, this is certainly a great place to start. It’s also not a list of everything you MUST bring to an autocross, merely a suggestion about possible items that may be useful (depending upon the preparation of your car and your goals for the day):

1. Driver’s License – A valid driver’s license is required for all entrants. Be sure to have it in your possession when you register.
2. Magnetic numbers (static for fiberglass cars like Corvettes & Fieros & Sonetts)
3. Club, team or humorous stickers for your car
4. Rule book(s)
5. Shop manual for your car and documentation for any odd modifications
6. Helmet – If you don’t own a helmet, loaners are generally available. Helmets must meet local club safety standards- typically Snell or ANSI Z90.1b approval. Generally, DOT approval alone is not sufficient.
7. Tool box for your car
8. Race or Competition tires on separate wheels
9. Jack (good floor jack not that yucky one the car came with)
10. Shoe polish for marking tires or numbering in case you have no magnetics
11. Torque wrench for changing tires
12. Air tank
13. Tire gauge
14. Racing fuel
15. Brake fluid
16. Motor oil
17. Spray bottle (put water in it, great for cooling off tires or yourself)
18. Stop watch
19. Pen, pencil and Paper – A course map is generally presented during the Driver’s Meeting. It is helpful to copy the course map and later jot down notes while you are walking the course. Reviewing these notes while waiting in the grid area may improve your focus and concentration. A spiral notebook that fits in the glovebox and will hold a pen is convenient for this purpose.
20. Calculator
21. Heavy duty gloves for changing tires or wearing in bad weather
22. All-weather gear: Rain Coat, Rain pants, Boots, Umbrella, Hat (sun/cold)
Rain will not stop an event unless it is interfering with the timing system. Lightning, however, will suspend or halt an event. Be prepared to be outdoors in the event of rain. Protect not only your self, but also the belongings unpacked from your car. Large plastic garbage bags are convenient and easily packed. They may also double as a crude raincoats after the appropriate holes are made.
23. Sweater (it sometimes gets cold out there)
24. Shorts (it can also be blisteringly hot)
25. Sweatshirt
26. Driving gloves
27. Tarp large enough to put your belongings under
28. Water (at least 2 quarts of good drinking water)
29. Food (bringing your own is better than buying it, cheaper too!)
30. Cooler for pop, water and lunch
31. Towels
32. Rain-X for your windshield
33. Sunglasses (get a good pair)
34. Sunblock
35. Folding chair or equivalent (takes the load off your feet)
36. Mastercard or Visa (for emergency use only)
37. Driving shoes that fit your car’s pedals
38. Camera (film, video or both)
39. Eyeglasses (back up for contact lens users)
40. Contact lens saline solution
41. Ignition key on it’s own key chain so keys don’t rattle on the course
42. Duct tape
43. Whistle (helps to alert people while working the course)
44. Trash bag (your mother doesn’t work here)
45. Watch
46. Business cards for all those new friends you’ll meet
47. Checkbook or money for entry fee, food and other incidentals.

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